Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget, – Going to Tokyo is not about having fun and going to such a great place.

But sometimes people need to find a good deal for their temporary shelter a.k.a hotel or motel. In Japanese there are so many selections of hotels with values.

From traditional hotel to cheap hotel, but you can expecting good deal because the cheap hotels still give you a good hotel.

So here in this article we try to inform you some best places to stay in Tokyo on a budget. So check this out.

Recommendation Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget

1. Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

Photo Image of Sakura Hotel Jimbocho for Overnight in Tokyo PicturesThis hotel is great because it is only need to walk on some minutes to get to The Imperial Palace.

And the location is quite reliable, close to the middle of city in Jimbocho district.

It is not a quite big hotel, but as we promise before, the hotel is clean and comfortable, not to worry a lot of cheap hotel in Japan usually are clean hotels.

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There is also a 24 our café, which will provide you communal space for you who looking to socialize with people while you are in the city.

And Sakura Hotel Jimbocho also provide dormitory for backpackers and group rooms, and the rates is still reasonable.

But you should know that in the busy periods, the hotel will easily get full very quickly, so be sure you book in advance.

2. Shinjuku Washington Hotel

Photo Image of Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget - Shinjuku Washington Hotel PicturesYou need to spend you day in the centre of Shinjuku skyscraper district on a reasonable budget?

So, Shinjuku Washington Hotel¹ will be your good deal choice.

With good facility such as high speed internet, fridge and also air conditioner, we think it is enough to spend your day in Shinjuku skyscraper district.

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Now, how about the room; the room is quite good and simply decorated well. And it is large enough to comfort you.

And more, there are still good views if you stay in the upper floors.

But you maybe should avoid the Hotel’s restaurant, not because the restaurant’s menu is bad or the place is unclean, but the price will make you think that going to eat somewhere else outside is a better idea.

3. Ryokan Katsutaro

Photo Image of Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget - Ryokan Katsutaro PicturesRyokan Katsutaro located In The Yanaka area of northeast Tokyo, and it is close to Ginza shopping street.

And what makes Ryokan Katsukaro amazing is this hotel placed in the centre of one of Tokyo’s friendliest neighborhoods.

The rooms is simple, but you can use it up to 4 people, and like another hotels, the wifi is also available here in Ryokan Katsutaro.

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This area is great because in the recent years there are several galleries and museums opened and the city’s art scene is perfect for tourist.

If you don’t want to walk around, you can rent the bicycle provided by Ryokan Katsutaro, and the rate is just cheap also, £1.70 a day.

4. Hotel Hoteiya

Photo Images og Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget - Hotel Hoteiya PictureThis hotel is amazing for some people, not about the decoration and not about the facility, but the price rate.

Yup, you can stay here for a week and still cheaper than if you stay a night in a middle class range hotel.

But you should admit that the decoration here in Hotel Hoteiya is just minimal.

The hotel is expecting the visitor to bring their own toothbrush and towels.

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But thanks to wifi and satellite TV which is available here in all floors. Because Hoteiya is located is Taito area, it is good for tourists who want to go to Tokyo’s downtown areas.

Although The Hoteiya surroundings is not a luxurious area, the hotel still popular on people who traveling on a shoestring.

Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget

5. Tokyu Stay Shibuya

Photo Image of Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget - Location Building Tokyu Stay Shibuya PicturesThis is actually a business class hotel rather than a place for tourist.

But the good news is that the rates are still reasonable for tourist and the facility is great, such as internet access and also the room facility has kitchenettes including microwave, fridge, washer and sink.

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Conclusion Best Places to Stay In Tokyo On A Budget

The room is cleaned once a for those who stay in Tokyu Stay more than a week.

As Shibuya branch of Tokyu Stay is located in a quiet corner of bustling city, the hotels usually almost fully booked.

But not to worry since Tokyu Stay has a lot of another branch in Tokyo, and most of them located just near the train station.

Alright then, are you now already finds you best hotel to stay in Tokyo?


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