Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya, JapanGuidance.Com – What do you think when you heard about Shibuya? A place for Shopping, a trendy place or a large arena complex?

Shibuya is one of the hearths of Japan, located in the southwestern Tokyo; it becomes the center of commercial and entertainment.

If you want to go to Shibuya, Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya becomes the option for your stay.

List of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya

Stylish and Modern Room Shibuya

If you are great fans of modernity style, you can choose this apartment. There are many restaurants and bars in the neighborhood.

The access to Station is very easy; you can find 3 train station and just 7 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.

This venue is start from $165/ night; do not worry about the facilities. The price is matching well with the facilities especially if you go with your family for holiday.

It has a double bed and 2 Single Japanese Futon. There is an elevator and free portable Wi-Fi access.

This apartment is accessible, just 14,3 mi from Haneda airport and 0,3 mi from Shibuya station.

The advantage from rent this apartment are the owner himself can make a reservation for you including the good restaurant and beauty salon.

This area is really sophisticated and safe. If you come to vacation with your children, you have to pay attention to the neighborhood, because there so many bars around.

Shinjuku Area Condo

Do you want vintage things? Shinjuku is the best choice for you. This condo applies a European style with the penthouse design.

This place is a convenient place to enjoy your holiday, eating and shopping. The price is start from $249/ night.

This condo will blend with your family, if you plan to do a big family holiday. There are 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and the most important thing is this 13 people can be sleeps there.

The location is also reachable; it is located right in the shopping streets in Tokyo. You can reach the location from the Hatagaya Station of Keio New Line and from Shinjuku Station you just need 4 minutes away.

The uniqueness of this condo is the quietness even if it is located in the metropolitan area. But for you who like to smoke, smoking is not allowedin this area.

Harajuku Shopping Street Condo

This spacious condo is a great place for your holiday especially with your friend. You can find Takeshita Shopping just right next to you.

Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Harajuku Shopping Street Area PicturesThere are a lot of recreational place like museum and parks in this area, unique little shop and stores. You can stay here from $100/ per night.

This is not quite expensive if you look at the nice street view, the mind-blowing view from your bedroom through the windows. There is only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

The location is reachable. It is located just in 2 train’s stops from Shinjuku Station and a short walk from Meijijingumae subway station. The exact coordinate location is 35°40’13.1″N 139°42’32.3″E.

You can use the free internet access here and it is close to the food, recreational, and railway access.

Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Harajuku Shopping Street - Facilities and Location Pictures

But there will be a little distraction from the neighborhood because the next building is under construction.

During the day time it will cause a noise but do not worry, the neighborhood is noiseless at night.

Lux Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya

Super Luxurious Condo in Tokyo

If you live at this condo, you will find the atmosphere of the spacious living. This apartment is located in the hearth of Shibuya; it is very exciting place to go to shop.  Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Super Spacious & Luxury - Bed Pictures Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Super Spacious & Luxury - Facilities Pictures You have to pay $200/ night for its facilities includes the placing of refrigerator inside your condo with all of the fruits and snacks.

Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Super Spacious & Luxury - Apartment Pictures

There are spacious dining room with 8 seats and the large coffee table. The living room is very elegant with the high quality 40 inch LCD.

Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Super Spacious & Luxury - Furniture and Tools PicturesThe kitchen and dining room is fully equipped, but if you want to choose this condo, you have to pay quite expensive.

Image Photo of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya - Super Spacious & Luxury - BathroomShibuya becomes the new Time-Square in Tokyo. Enjoy the holiday and choose one of the Tokyo Vacation Rental Shibuya for your stay.

Maximize the excitement by choosing the correct place to live your vacation and always pay attention to the facilities along with your budget, and then you can have a nice bliss in your own way.

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Hopefully, Those of Tokyo Vacation Rentals Shibuya lists can help to find some place that comfortable for you


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