Tokyo Weekly Rentals, JapanGuidance.Com – Do you plan to go to Tokyo for a week? The convenient place to stay is needed.

There are many Tokyo Weekly Rentals for your excellent accommodation. All you have done is to choose which one is more convenient for you and your holiday purpose.

Recommendation Tokyo Weekly Rentals

AMI’s Home

This is very convenient place to rent for your vacation. It is near the government center and in the busiest Subway Station. Enjoy the view of modern area and the highlight of skyscrapers in this area.

Image Photo of Tokyo Weekly Rentals AMI's Home Rentals Bedroom View PicturesYou just need US$65/night to stay in this apartment. Aware if you want to check in in the weekend because this condo has weekend price starts from US$99/ night. For the sleeping arrangement you will got double bed with one spacious couch.

Do not worry there is elevator in the building and kid friendly. You will get fully furnished furniture when rent this condo.

The location is reachable, if you go from Shinjuku Central Park; you just need 1 minutes walk. While from Hyatt Regency Tokyo it will be 6 minutes walk.

There are convenience store and drug store in the neighborhood. But if you are pet lovers, this is not the exact place for you because there is a foribition for pets.

You can the offer here : Ami’s House

Chris’s Home

If you like japans style, you can try this apartment. This apartment is near the art and culture recreation. The cleanliness in neighborhood is a good point for you.

It cost US$50 per night, it is very reliable because you do not need to clean the room yourself. There is a room service in charge of cleaning.

Image Photo of Tokyo Weekly Rentals Chris's Home Rentals Bedroom View PicturesYou will get 1 bedroom with double bed and a 1 single sofa. You can access this building both from the stairs and elevator.

This condo is located in the Chuo Main Line, Shinjuku, Japan. Only 12 minutes walk from Higashi- Nakano station.

Everything is accessible from here, within 5 km there is a station. There are hundreds of restaurants, bar, and shopping street.

Enjoy your adventure here! For you who love to bring your pet, you are allowed to take it here.

Still, party is not allows, but smoking is forhibbided in this area, although you can do it only in the balcony.

You can find the offer here:Chris Home

The Skytree Room Mariko’s Aprt

If you want an unusual vibe for your weekly holiday, just choose this apartment. Rent a single studio room for your adventure! Through the window you can see stunning and wonderful scenery of Tokyo Sky tree just in front of the window.

Image Photo of Tokyo Weekly Rentals The Skytree Room Mariko's Aprt Rentals Bedroom PicturesThere are many restaurants and recreational place in the neighborhood. The Sumida Aquarium just around the corner and find tee Tokyo Sky tree just in 3 minutes walk.

Feel the atmosphere and pay US$46 per night. Do not hesitate because this condo has a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, it will be safe. There are 1 single bed and 1 single soft bed.

As an extra you will get washing machine, body soap, fresh bath and towel. The location lay in the hearth of Tokyo, Sumida-ku next to Tokyo Sky Tree and Honjo Azumabashi.

There are so many sightseeing spot for its plus features, but you do not allow holding the parties or event here.

 You can find the offer here : The Skytreeroom

Odaiba Bay View Tower Beach Tokyo

Enjoy the urban apartment which face the rainbow beach, this condo is a safe place even for female to walk around in the midnight.

Image Pictures of Tokyo Weekly Rentals Kaz and Hiroko's Aprt Rentals Bedroom View PhotosOne again you can enjoy the mind-blowing scenery from this place; it stands in front of the beach and often held a fireworks events at weekend.

The best spot to spend the summer holiday! You just need to pay US$41/night! This is very recommended spot for you and your family.

This condo has a high Wi-Fi accessibility. 3 bedrooms are available plus shower room which separated from the toilet.

This place is located in the Minato, Tokyo. Just 16 minutes walk from Hotel Meridian and 7 minutes walk from Deck Tokyo.

As extra features, there is an AC and heater in the room but you do not allow smoking or held an event there.

The offer here: Kaz and Hiroko

Tokyo Weekly Rentals – Conclusion

There are so many things that you can do while doing a vacation. Pay attention to the Tokyo Weekly Rentals that you want to rent.

Find here if you need another Tokyo Vacation Rentals

Find the new exciting journey in the spot where you stay! Have Nice trip and holiday


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