Tokyo Disneyland Review, – As we all know, it seems that every kids will love Disneyland, wherever the Disneyland located. Including The Tokyo Disneyland. Japanese hospitality also great, you can find a lot of English speaking staff, but don’t expect too much, usually they can only speak English a little. But they will help you a lot.

You will also choose Tokyo Disneyland because the current exchange rate almost fine for a lot of country. So, today we will share you some review about Tokyo Disneyland.

Some of Good Tokyo Disneyland Review

Smaller Version of American Disneyland

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Review - Castle of Disneyland PicturesCannot be argued, American Disneyland is a big Disneyland (the biggest one is Shanghai Disneyland, we will give you review about it later on). But Tokyo Disneyland is a smaller version of American Disneyland. And it was the first Disneyland to be built outside of United States of America, and opened in 15 April 1983.

Walt Disney Engineering was built Tokyo Disneyland with exactly the same style with American version. And Most of all main and newest attractions are available in Tokyo Disneyland. It is a 47 ha theme park with so many attractions, it gives you and your families such a large and also wide place to enjoy and be happy there.

A Bunch of Cute Foods

Tokyo Disneyland has a decent price in almost all the stands, shops, and in their entire restaurant. For the restaurant we have some notices; the food presentation was so cute, they can make sure your kids happy with what they serve. In the Alice in Wonderland restaurant for example, the give you a cute food presentation about Alice in wonderland, your kids will love it.

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Review - Disney Popcorn PicturesThere sell so many popcorn, but the kids will have a unique popcorn containers with re-full-able character shaped and shoulder straps on it. The caramel and chocolate flavors taste best for us. Since sometimes Tokyo is a little bit hot on day, they also had air conditioning.

DisneySea Attraction

Your kids will clearly be happy here. There are so many rides your kids can try, but even you. Some of the attraction is able to be used by adult. So many people said that they also happy as parents when they visiting Tokyo Disneyland. But you should calculate your time to enjoy the best spot they provide, and make sure you are not stuck in one attraction only. Also there is one spot you better not miss it; The DisneySea.

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Review - DisneySea Festival PicturesIt is claimed as the 4th most visited theme park in the world and the fastest theme park in the world to reach 10 millions of visitors. Now you know why should go there? The DisneySea will of course suitable both for your kids and you.

Nice Japanese Attitude

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Review - Mickey Mouse and Friends PicturesIf compared other Disneyland, you probably think Tokyo Disneyland will be full of people, crowded and the queue will terrible, because it is in Asia. But in fact, No, they aren’t. Japanese people are nice and polite, they wait in the queue very patiently, it is far more than some people predicted.

To avoid the long queue, you better already there 10 minutes before they open the theme park. Or else, you will stick in a long queue. But no problem, as tourist you can communicate with Japanese, they happily talk to tourists.

You Will Come Back For Sure – Tokyo Disneyland review

There are so many people who are reluctant to go to Tokyo Disneyland because of the cowdedness, but after they already there, they are they will enjoyed the most with all of attractions Tokyo Disneyland provide. Beside you can enjoy rides with your kids, you can also buy their super cute merchandise, and you will think you want to spend all your money on it.

Image of Tokyo Disneyland Review - Gate of It PicturesThis is real, a lot of people already said that. There are so many variations of game for kids and adult, and parade is wonderful. You will likely spend all your day here and enjoy a lot of show available.

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Hope, this Tokyo Disneyland review will help you. A lot of people find that their memories in Tokyo Disneyland are unforgetful. The nice Japanese people, the shows, the rides, so many attraction and more. And you will miss all of that. Then, you will really want to come back to Disneyland later on.


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