Tokyo National Museum Facts, – As the oldest museum in Japan Tokyo National Museum (TNM) or Tōkyō Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan, the museum is protect art work, houses, Asia’s archeological object, but mostly focusing on Japan. With more than 110.000 collections, as in July 2005 they have more than 610 important cultural property holding and 87 Japanese national properties holding, that’s make the Tokyo National Museum is the largest art museum and also one of the biggest art museums in the world.

And yet, they still doing a lot more research and organizing educational events about their collections. Here we provide you some facts about Tokyo National Museum you should know.

Tokyo National Museum Facts History

Image of One Building of Tokyo National Museum PicturesCurrently, Tokyo National Museum is located in Ueno Park, but actually it was located in Yushima Seido Shrine when established in 1972, then moved to Ueno Park several years later. Tokyo National Museum is stand of 6 separated buildings (Check out the next paragraph too see the details). Their concerns are Japanese Art and archeological artifacts as their main display.

More than 4.000 collections are on display every time. But Tokyo National Museum also held a temporary exhibition regularly. If you need English information, they will provide you, and the English speaker has a fluent English skill.

Tokyo National Museum Facts – Have Six Great Buildings

The Main Honkan Building

Tokyo National Museum is separated into 6 different building, The Main Honkan Building is the first we will talking about. This building display was actually opened in 1938 and they displays so many Japanese art work, from the ancient times to 19th century. Such as ancient Buddhist sculptures, ceramics, scrolls, maps, also there are so many cultural items like armor, costume, mask also weapons and other historical artefacs.

The Oldest Building; Hyokeikan

The Hyokeikan is located just next to The Honkan Building, and this is the oldest building between the others. The Hyokeikan was build to celebrate The Taisho Emperor’s wedding time in 1909. The Hyokeikan show the examples of western style architecture during The Meiji’s period. This building is registered as one of important cultural building property.

But primarily, The Hyokeikan building is used only for some temporary exhibition. And since this building is so old on age, it has undergone some renovation in this recent year just to make sure The Hyokeikan structure is still good.

The Toyokan Building

Just on the right of The Honkan Building is where The Toyokan building stands. Taniguchi Yoshiro is the one who designed The Toyokan Building back in 1968. The building exhibits a lot of Asian art and artifacts, such as from Korea, China, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

The Heiseikan Building

And The Heiseikan Building is stand behind the Hokan Building. This is a new museum build in 1993 to commemorate the Crows Prince’s wedding and actually it is serves primarily as the space for special exhibition only. For that purpose, there are special exhibition galleries on the 2nd floor and on the first floor you can find also Japanese Archeology gallery. There are also lounge area and an auditorium.

The Horyuji Homotsukan

The Horyuji Homotsukan or Gallery of Horyuji Treasures is the newest building in the complex. Taniguchi Yoshiro designed this building with a minimalist style. The Horyuji Homotsukan was build to be the house of religious objects collection, most of them are intricate statue, small statue and also relief images made of copper which is donated by Horyuji Temple in Nara.

Tokyo National Museum Facts

The Kuroda, The Memorial Hall

The Kuroda is located outside of the museum grounds. This building was build from donation from Kuroda Seiki. So, the building name was named after his name. Kuroda Seiki is known well in Japan as the father of modern western painting style. The hall display rotating so many collections of Kuroda’s painting and also other art donated by his families.

Tokyo National Museum Facts

Beside offer museums and exhibitions hall, The Tokyo National Museum also offers you some Japanese style garden and a teahouse which open to public in autumn and spring, it islocated just behind the Honkan.

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You can also find so many cafes and shops around the museum’s grounds. So then, when you will come and visit Tokyo National Museum and start to amazed what Tokyo has in the past and their current new style.


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