Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids, – Hi kids? Have you ever heard about Tokyo Tower? Have you ever gone to Tokyo Tower?

Did you that Tokyo Tower actually is the tallest building in the world for tallest self-supporting steel tower category?

Tokyo Tower is one of the famous tower around the world.

Yup, that is our first fun fact we give it to you, and others will be provided below in this article. Are you curious?

Let’s get it start then.

List of Have to Know Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids Before Visit it

1. Tallest Building in Japan (after The Tokyo Skytree)

Image of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids Must Be Knew PicturesAlright, if in the first sentence we said that Tokyo Tower is Tallest Self-Supporting steel tower, we can also make sure that Tokyo Tower is also the second tallest building in Japan after The Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Tower called as a light tower since it weight only about 4.000 metric tons.

2. Tokyo Tower is Also a Communication and Observation Tower

Apart as a tourism spot, Tokyo Tower is also used as Communication and Observation tower.

Therefore, Tokyo Tower’s main revenue is antenna leasing and of course tourism attraction.

Over 150 million people have visited The Tokyo Tower since its opening. Tokyo Tower acts as support structure for an antenna.

Image of Tall of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids PicturesOriginally, this tower is intended for television broadcasting, then in 1961 radio antennas were installed, but now the Tokyo Tower is used to broadcast signal for Japanese media outlet like Fuji TV, TBS and NHK.

But then Tokyo Tower’s height which is only 332.9 m (1,092 ft) was not high enough to adequately support complete terrestrial digital broadcasting.

So the Japan’s tallest building were made, it is Skytree Tower, which is used to be digital broadcasting tower also.

3. Eiffel Tower Structure is The Inspiration of Tokyo Tower

Image of Mascot Noppon for Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids PicturesBuilt in 1958, unlike Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower is painted with white and orange to comply The air safety regulation.

But this color is another attraction of Tokyo Tower, made the Tokyo Tower looks so striking far away before you come to Eiffel Tower.

4. FootTown, is another attraction of Tokyo Tower

Directly under the Tokyo Tower you will find FootTown. It is a Four-story building which have houses museums, shops for souvenir and also some restaurants.

Depart from FootTown, visitor can go to Tokyo Tower’s two observation deck.

This two main observatory is not so high, you don’t need to be afraid kids.

Image of Light Ilumination Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids PicturesThe first main observatory is located only 150 meters (490 ft), while the smaller but special observation is a little taller but still not a scary place for kids with parents guide : 249.6 meters (819 ft).

5. Tokyo Tower Has A Mascot Named Noppon

Yay kids, Tokyo Tower has also got a cute little mascot, named Noppon. His name is just like Nippon right?Image of Mascot of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids

By the way, Nippon is name of Japan called by Japanese, the kanji letter of Nippon means “The Sun’s Origin”.

Image of Inspiration of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids PicturesThere are two Noppon brothers. The older brother wearing a blue dungarees and the younger one wears red dungarees. They were born on December 23rd of 1998 to celebrate The Anniversary of Tokyo Tower itself

6. Tokyo Tower Has Average 3 Millions Visitor Annually

Since its opening at 1958. Tokyo Tower has become a Famous Tourism attraction around the world. Go to Tokyo without visiting Tokyo Tower is less complete.

It is a Tokyo’s symbol as International City. All of 9 Tokyo’s TV and 4 FM radios are transmitted through the entire Tokyo Tower.

Image of Color of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids PicturesBecause all of this reasons, Tokyo Tower receives not less than 3 Million visitors annually. Such a huge attraction right, kids?

7. Tokyo Tower gets repainted every 5 years

Image of History of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids Pictures
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This is the fact behind Tokyo Tower’s bright and awesome color appearance:

Every 5 years Tokyo Tower get repainted to make sure the color and the beauty, not less than 7500 gallons are spread over all Tokyo Tower’s body looks great again.

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Conclusion of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids

And alright, so we hope this article make understand more about Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids and hopefully someday you can go to Tokyo and visit this awesome Tower there.

Since Tokyo had so many attractions other than Tokyo Tower¹ you will of course also visiting another tourism spot.

Always check our site to keep update about fun fact and tourism guide you will love.


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