Sensoji Temple Facts, – This is the oldest and the famous temple in Tokyo; Sensoji Temple or some people called it with Asakusa Kannon Temple, no problem since that is also correct name. Sensoji Temple is dedicated for Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. Located just so near the Asakusa Station.

If you are from Tokyo Station, you should take JR Yamanote Line and the change to the Ginza Line at Kanda Station. And also if you are from Shinjuku Station, just take the JR Chuo Line (orange) then change to the Ginza Line at Kanda Station.

Sensoji Temple Facts – The Story Behind Sensoji Temple

In the 628, two brothers were fishing in Sumida River, but accidentally they fished a Kannon statue, it is a goddess of mercy statue, so they try to put back the statue into the river, but the statue always returned back to them whatever they try. And as the consequence, The Sensoji Temple was build near the area for The Goddess Kannon. And the temple became Tokyo’s oldest temple since the temple was finally completed in the year 645.

Sensoji Temple Facts – Inside The Temple

When people entering the temple, they will firstly enter through the Kaminarimon/Thunder Gate. This outer gate is also became the symbol of Asakusa and the entire Tokyo city. Then visitor will find Nakamise, a 200 meters shopping street inside the temple. Nakamise will lead visitor into The Sensoji’s second gate; The Hozomon.

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Image Photo for Sensoji Temple Facts Hozomon Pictures
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Various Japanese souvenirs and Japanese Snacks are sold along The Nakamise. This street is historic shopping street for several centuries.

The temple main hall stands outside of The Hozomon Gate, alongside with five storied Pagoda. The building was reconstructed since it was destroyed during war. And The Asakusa Shrine build near the temple’s main building, located just dozens meters on the left of the main building.

Sensoji Temple Facts – Sensoji Festival Events

During the festival events, sensoji Temple will be crowded, but it still worth to visit. For some people, crowded time is the best time to visit vocational place. The largest event is Sanja Matsuri, it is a Shinto Festival which always held in Asakusa Shrine. Held on the 3rd weekend of May, this festival is to honor the three fishermen who founded the Temple.

Sensoji Temple Facts – Brazilian Event in Asakusa

And in August, there is Asakusa Samba Festival, it attract more than 500,000 visitors every year. Since the first time the Festival held in 1981, the festival accidentally became the Tokyo’s hobby. This is because Brazil is the largest Japanese community outside of Japan itself. So, that’s why Japan and Brazil have a good relationship, that also including some of their cultures.

Image Photo for Sensoji Temple Facts - Asakusa Samba Festivale PicturesAsakusa Samba Festival is actually a competition between dance team with (usually) more than 20 teams competing. Each team is lead by their next year candidate for Queen of The Drums. The leaders bring the flags and wear the best costume.

Sensoji Temple Facts – Jidai Matsuri Festival

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Jidai Matsuri

On the anniversary of the foundation of Kyoto, every October 22nd, Jidai Matsuri were held every year. This is a large parade which take place from The Imperial Palace to Heian Shrine. This route take about 5 kilometers. So, you can enjoy 5 kilometers of awesomeness. And the crowd get very crowded at the start; The Imperial Palace and also near the finish line; Heian Shrine. That is because people want to get the attraction of festival early.

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Sanja Matsuri

In Jidai matsuri (Festival of Ages), the parade participants will wear exactly the same costumes from almost all period of Japanese history among with a lot of historical Japanese figures. The parade participants will provide you huge awesomeness in about two hours or more. So, you maybe need more camera or phone memories just to record this special Japanese festival.

Sensoji Temple Facts – Opening Hour and Price

Address: 2-3-1 Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
Opening Hours: daily from 06:00 to 17:00
Price Range: The entry to the temple is free
Tel: 03-3842-0181    
How to get there:
Senso-Ji Temple can be easily reached from Asakusa station that is only few minutes away from the temple. Asakusa has excellent transportation system, with several railways and subways serving the place including Asakusa Subway Line, Ginza Subway Line, Tobu Railways and Tsukuba Express. ( src)

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So, if you ask us about recommendation rating for visiting Sensoji Temple, we will put 8,5/10 on the score table. This is the oldest temple of Tokyo, and really worth to visit alsongside with a lot of festival available here. Make sure you are come to Sensoji temple on the right time when there are festivals there. But in fact, it still brings a lot of joy if you visit the temple on a normal day. It will be a really nice experience you can tell to people once you come home.


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