Japan’s Fish Market Tsukiji, JapanGuidance.com – Sushi, who never heard this? Almost everyone knows sushi really well. But maybe some of you never taste it before, or otherwise you made sushi as your favorite food? Well, no matter what, if you come to Japan you should try to go to Japan’s Fish Market Tsukiji. It is a wholesale market for Fish, vegetables and fruits.

Everyday Tsukiji Market handles more than 2,000 tons. That’s why Tsukiji Market also known as the one of the world’s biggest fish market. Maybe you will think that it is only a kind of usual market with fishy smells all around? That’s not quite true. You can find a lot of restaurant which provide you delicious and fresh fish processed foods, you will love it.

But, you should quick, since it will move to a new place in Toyosu, the schedule of movement is on November 2016.

Inside Market and Outer Market

Images Photos for Japan's Fish Market Tsukiji - Worlshop Tuna Auction PicturesThere are two large market; inner market and outer market. You can find wholesale business and the famous tuna auction here in inner market, and in the outer market you can enjoy buying souvenirs from retail shops and also tasting great food at their restaurants. But not too worry while you are on the inside market, you can still find some restaurants there.

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Japan’s Fish Market Tsukiji – Tuna Auction

This is the tip if you want to visit the famous tuna auction here in Tjukiji Market; since the number of visitors to the tuna auction is only limited to 120/day, and the registration will usually open at 05.00 AM, you should start lining in Osakana Fukyu Center before 05.00 AM.

Images Photos For Japan's Fish Market Tsukiji - Tuna Auction PIcturesIf you already success on your registration, you will be admitted to the auction on about 5:25 AM and 5:50 AM, and if you got the second group you will be admitted on about 5:50 AM and 6:15 AM. Once you are inside on the auction area, you will able to view the auction from the visitor area.

You are not allowed to see the auction from other place, and also no flash photography allowed here in the auction area. And off course, you are not allowed to interfere with anything happens in the action in any way.

The Wholesale Area

There are so many stands in the crowded hall in this Wholesale area, the buyers and sellers look so busy with their goods, trucks and carts. That is the reason why visitors are excited to photograph the crowded and the activity.

Images Photos for tsukiji fish market tour PicturesBut as we said before, don’t interfere with people activity, although you maybe will find some people do interfere, and sometime local people can get angry if the visitor continuously interfere them.

As visitor, you can only visit the wholesale area after 10.00 AM. Actually that is a new rules, it’s applied since there are so many visitor interfere the market activity. Since the new rules applied, the condition seems better. But, you will still be warned not to bring any luggage inside the market, and people will often warn you not to block the traffic activities.

Other areas in Japan’s Fish Market Tsukiji

It seems the truth that you would be recommended to visiting the outer market than visiting the inner market. Outer area consists of restaurants and some of small shop along in narrow lanes. This area will be good for you if you are looking for food related goods, fresh seafood or even knives. The product here in outer area is produce for sale in smaller portion than on the wholesale area.

And eating sushi fresh sushi at the local restaurant will complete your journey in japan’s fish market Tsukiji. As we mention above, both the inner market and outer market restaurants are typically open from 05.00 AM until noon or early afternoon.

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Japan’s Fish Market Tsukiji – Tsukiji Location and How to Get There

Tsukiji Market is really easy to access; it is just above Shijo Station on the Oedo Subway Line. Or you can also reach the market by walking around (only) five minutes from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line. If you like to use JR station, the nearest JR station is Shimbashi, from there you can take some walk around 15 minutes to reach Tsukiji Market.


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