What To See In Harajuku? www.JapanGuidance.com – Who don’t know Harajuku? Almost everyone in this world knows or at least once heard the world Harajuku. Known as the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion, Harajuku always crowded with visitors every day. SO, if you want to come to visit Harajuku, today we will write about what you need to see in Harajuku and some fun information you maybe want to know about.

What To See In Harajuku? Interesting Places

Takeshita Dori (Takeshita Street)

Image Photo of What To See In Harajuku - Crowded in Takeshita Street at Harajuku PicturesThis seems to be one of the main attraction here in Harajuku. It is a tiny street filled up with trendy clothing shops (off course), fashion boutiques, secondhand clothe stores, accessories stores, and some fast foods stand including yummy crepes stores, we recommend you to try their crepes as the crepes taste delicious and nice.

Because this street is so famous, you will find this street so crowded in the weekend. So, you can try to visit in weekday to avoid the crowded street.

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine literally is the biggest tourist attraction. You will welcomed by large wooden gate on the entrance, and you can just walk around the path and enjoy the forest. Yup, the forest is amazing; all trees from all around Japan are all gathered here, made this forest represent Japan.

Image Pictures of What To See In Harajuku - Meiji Shrine PhotoWill be great if you visit the Meiji Shrine and it’s forest on summertime, when the forest is heavily shaded and make the surroundings cool.

Yoyogi Park

This large park is the 4th largest park in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park located near Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. This park divide by a road into two parts; the “Part A” is for park/jungle, and “Part B” is for stadium, open stage and other facilities.

Image Picture of What To See In Harajuku - Resting Area Near Fountain at Yoyogi Park PhotosYou will see a lot of dance group practicing here, light saber fighting groups, people playing instrumental, etc. And on the weekend, things seems be better, usually there are some events organized, including live music, traditional art, etc.

What To See In Harajuku – Best Place With Kids

Togo Shrine

Located in corner of street, you find a small shine just right off The Takeshita Dori; Togo Shrine. You can go sit in relax by the pond in this shrine to recover your body soul from your fatigue from your all day activity.

Image Photo of What To See In Harajuku - Front Face of Togo Shrine PicturesAlso, you can find a lot of little alley near this location, which also provided you with some cute shops you maybe want to explore. But don’t get lost, it is a kind of difficult to read the sign of every little valleys.

Nezu Museum

Nezu bijutsukan or formerly known as the Nezu Institute of Fine Arts. This museum once closed due to large-scale renovation and renewal during 2006 onward. And the museum reopened in fall of 2009 with new design by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Image Picture of What To See In Harajuku - Nezu Museum Building PhotosThe Nezu Museum has a collection of East Asian artwork including Japanese artwork, Chinese and Koreans. Elegant and simple design will amaze visitor who first time visit this museum. You can also explore the large traditional Japanese garden outside and relax yourself there.

Omotesando Hills

The famous architect Ando Tadao designed this shopping complex; make it look great with interesting design. Build in 2005 with $300 million building cost and opened in 2006, Omotesando Hills stand from six floors of more than 100 upmarket shops, restaurants, cafes, also beauty salons.

Image Pictures of What To See In Harajuku - Omotesando Hills by Ando Tadao PhotoOmotesando Hills usually called as place for big spenders. All high-end brand names can easily be found here. But there are still some small shops that sells interesting thing you probably loved.

What To See In Harajuku

Tokyu Plaza

Once you arrived at Tokyu Plaza, you migh amaze with the entrance, it looks like an entrance to the mirror cave! Then if you go through to the top, you can find such a nice lounging rooftop terrace area, you can sit and enjoy the Harajuku scenery for free.

Image Picture of What To See In Harajuku - Tokyu Plaza at Naight PhotosAccording to their website, this plaza aim to become a fashion themed park where every customer can enjoy. This plaza restaurant open on 08.300 AM – 11.00 PM and the plaza’s shop is open from 11.00 AM until 21.00 PM. So don’t be too early to come here.

NHK Studio Park

Image Picture of What To See In Harajuku - NHK Studio Park PicturesThis Studio Park is also part of NHK broadcasting center, and open to public. It gives the visitor experience about broadcasting. Also chances to see behind the scene of television broadcasting. You and your family can try to become a broadcaster, a reporter, a news anchor, etc. So much fun and experiences you can get.

Gallery Images of Harajuku and Nearby place

Okay, That 8 Places What to See in Harajuku and nearby place. Still Confusing? Just try one and get the feel later. Dont forget share this article on you social media or click of icon below. Thank you


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