What To Do At Roppongi At Night, www.JapanGuidance.com – Roppongi is a well known night life entertainment area in Tokyo. Roppongi offer you great night life with a lot of bars, restaurants, and night clubs. You will only need to take a walk about one minute from Roppongi Station in Oedo subway or if you are from Roppongi-Icchome Station, you need to walk a little longer, 15 minutes until you come to the center of Roppongi.

Roppongi loved by their visitor because it provide a lot of free attraction. Roppongi is also home of various cultures around the world.

It’s kind of regret if you came to Roppongi and you leave before you try the night life here in Rappongi. Roppongi visited by people around the world, their main reason usually because they want to experience Roppongi’s night life. After a day sightseeing Roppongi in daytime, why not enjoying Ropopngi night life until tomorrow’s early morning? It will be nice experience you can tell to your friends. Here in this article we will introduce you with several clubs from fun clubs, glamorous, to chic clubs.

What To Do At Roppongi At Night – For Fun Without Kids


Image Picture for What To Do At Roppongi At Night for Fun PhotosIf you are looking for multipurpose night club, you probably will choose Jumanji55. In addition to night clubs, they also provide with bucket style meals and parties dancing halls with music played by DJ’s. One thing can make you love this club is because the all-you-can-drink menu is cheap.

Sometimes the all-you-can-drink menu is available only for 1,000 yen. So, once you pay it, you can enjoy your night without thinking out the drink again. So, you can check their official website for more information.

Roppongi KENTO’s

Image Photo for What To Do At Roppongi - Kentos Club Night PicturesIf you are looking for a less busy and refined club, you might love Roppongi KENTO’s, we can categories it as a chic club. It is a fun places but also a relaxing place. They have live band performance and dance halls. You can enjoy 50’s 80’s music and dance with the rhythm or simply enjoy their great drinks.

Cat’s Tokyo

Image Picture for What To Do At Roppongi At Night - Cat's Tokyo Clubnight PhotosThis club got famous because of their DJ booth has a great LED light synchronize with the music. The beat of music can be feels better. For us the lighting really awesome, we recommend you to give a try. The reason why this club is named Cat’s Tokyo is also because the staff dressing in cat’s costume.

Le Baron de Paris

Suggestion for What To Do At Roppongi At Night

Image Photo for Le Baron de Paris - What To Do At Roppongi PicturesThis is the official branch of Le Baron in Paris. This is a refined club and often visited by celebrities and artists. Red chosen as their indoor decoration, if you think the color would be bad, you might be wrong, the color combination even create artistic such an atmosphere. This exclusive club often used for parties by famous fashion brands. So, that why some people mark the club as a must visit club.

Club Brand Tokyo

Image Photo for What To Do At Roppongi - Club Brand Tokyo PicturesIf you want enjoy your night without any worries, this club will be a good choice for you. Club Brand Tokyo known for their security system. For all visitor, luggage and security check are required once entering the club. In addition for its security, this is a spacious club with three floors, each floor has different themes, you can try it on every floors.

There is no restriction on woman and man ratio in Club Band Tokyo; you no longer need to waste your time just for waiting.


Image Photo for What To Do At Roppongi - EspritTokyo PicturesOnly need some minutes of walking from Roppongi Metro Station, you will find Esprit Tokyo. This is the best known club for its newest and amazing music equipments also with their high tech LED balls and lights. Almost every day they hold events by famous DJ’s. But before you visit, you should first register yourself on their official website.

V2 TOKYO at V Square

This famous club is located on the great place; on the rooftop of the Roppongi Roa Building. With glass around the clubs, you can enjoy the view of Roppongi with different way, while enjoying music and drinks they provide.

Image Photo for V2 TOKYO at V Square Clubnight - What To Do At Roppongi PicturesThe LED system and the DJs together make you experience the best music. That’s why V2 Tokyo so famous around the world, and visitor will pleasantly want to come back to visit the club again in near future.

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