Kyoto Sushi, – If you have the chance to pay a visit to Kyoto, Japan. These are the 5 best places to eat Kyoto sushi that you must come to. Sushi is served in raw or cooked. In country like Indonesia, the cooked sushi is quite popular. However in countries such as Japan and South Korea, eating raw fish is more common. Moreover, eating sushi is no longer a habit that only people in Japan do.

The cultural heritage of this particular Japanese cuisine has spread to almost all over the world. Nearly 7 billion people enjoy the unique taste of sushi; the rest who doesn’t must have never tried it. Here is the list of sushi restaurant found in Kyoto.

The Five Stars Reviewed Kyoto Sushi Restaurants

  1. Sushi Iwa

    Image Photo of Kyoto Sushi Menu at Sushi iwa shop PicturesSushi Iwa restaurant is located not very far from JR Kyoto Station, because it takes only 10 minutes by walking. The place is opened at 12 PM until 2 PM and then reopened again at 5 PM until 10 PM at night. With only JPY 15,000 you can taste heaven.

    According to reviews given by many who have come to Sushi Iwa, the place deserves to be Tokyo’s best! They also mention that the taste of sushi found in Sushi Iwa is exquisite, meaning it is very delicate as if it is made in heaven. The place might seem small, but the taste is bigger than this world. Img source: Foodalist

  2. Ganko Sanjo Honten Restaurant

    Image Phot of Kyoto Sushi Ganko Sanjo Honten restaurant PicturesThe second winner of 5 best places to eat Kyoto sushi is Ganko Sanjo Honten restaurant. The place is located in downtown Kyoto, about 2 minutes by walking from Sanjo Station, which means it is very easy to find.

    Moreover, it offers a large space to just relax and enjoying the real Japan atmosphere. The price is highly reasonable and it is opened from 11 AM to 11 PM.

  3. Sushi-kappo Nakaichi

    Image Photo of Kyoto Sushi Sushi-kappo Nakaichi PicturesSushi-kappo Nakaichi is believed to be the next best choice around Kyoto. It serves raw fish and rice as its main dish, although you can find other type of foods here.

    8 minutes’ walk from Gion Shijo Station Exit 6, the place is famous for its excellent sushi. Sadly, the price is rather expensive.

  4. Sushi Matsumoto Kyoto

    Image Photo of Kyoto Sushi Matsumoto Location PicturesSushi Matsumoto made it to the 5 best places to eat Kyoto sushi list. The restaurant is accessible in Gion area. The price starts at JPY 10,000 to 20,000. Opened at 12 PM until 2 PM, it serves you with various fish.

    There are flat fish, white fish, kohada, maguro, chu-toro, awabi, smoked trout, aji, shrimp and etc. Image by raw-emotion

  5. Izuju Restaurant

    Image Photo of Kyoto Sushi Shop - Izuju restaurant PicturesYou can’t miss Izuju restaurant. It is said to be the oldest traditional sushi shop around Kyoto. From many style of making sushi, in this place you will be given the Kyoto style sushi.See gallery below by

    The unique menu coming from Izuju is Saba sushi which you can’t find anywhere else. With only JYP 2,000-3,000, it is yours.

Several Tips on Eating Kyoto Sushi

As tourists who haven’t been in Kyoto before, you must aware that the 5 best places to eat Kyoto sushi mentioned above serve sushi in many different styles. Also, the sushi is priced differently. If you out for challenges and have the budget to support it, the expensive sushi in Nakaichi is recommended.

However, it is not only about the price, but the adventure you have while you are travelling. Have a good sushi time in Kyoto!



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