How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo, – As most popular metropolitan city in the world and also the largest metropolitan city in the world based on their total populations, Tokyo has so many great places to visit. What about 3 days in Tokyo? For some it is looks like just a little time and wont able to catch all of Tokyo’s hi-tech side and cultural side.

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - Akihabara - Manga Station and Games PicturesBut for some, it is enough time to explore the beauty of Tokyo. Not to worry, although it is a kind of impossible to explore all side of Tokyo only in 3 days, but visitors can still explore Tokyo’s famous tourism spot. And still there are so many surprises you never expect before in the tourism spot. So, what you can do 3 days in Tokyo?

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo – First Day

For first time traveler, visitor maybe will find it is a little bit difficult to understanding Tokyo’s transportation systems. But the free maps available everywhere in the city, you can pick one and the solution will be solved.

Then, you should first come to visit Shibuya crossing, this is the busiest crossing in Tokyo, visitors enjoy to see hundreds people crossing the street when the traffic light turn to green. Visitor can also try to crossing the street in Shibuya Crossing to feel the atmosphere of the busiest crossing in Tokyo.

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo on Crowded Shibuya Cross PicturesImage Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo on Shibuya Cross Pictures

A lot of people recommend visitor to see the crossing in a better view. Also, while you are on the Shibuya Crossing, is highly recommended to visit The Famous Hachiko Statue. Yup, the statue of a loyal dog, named Hachiko.

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - Hachiko Statue Shibuya PicturesImage Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - Loyal Dog Monument Hachiko Pictures

There are so many small bars and restaurants in Shibuya, you can rest and get some relax there. And also don’t forget to taste some Japanese Sake. If you don’t like the original, the flavored Sake is also nice to try and tasty.

For shopping lover, you should not miss Akihabara and Ueno Market. You can find clothes and funny weird food on Ueno Market, you might want to taste one. And for Akihabara, they are famous of electronics and all about manga shops, but most of manga themed are gaming stations.

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - Electronic Town Akihabara Pictures

For the electronics, you should check if it is in Japanese only or can be changed into English. Don’t regret yourself.

Then, to spend your first day, you can visit Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Café. An animal themed café, get people’s attention in few years and keep developed. In this café you can find real life cats, rabbits, owls or even penguins. You only need to pay the entrance and get some drink. Then you can enjoy animals running around on the café and you can pet and feed them.

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - R.a.g.f Rabbit Cafe Pictures

Image Photo of How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo - Rest on R.a.g.f Rabbit Café Pictures

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo – Second Day

You maybe want to take a morning tour and also taking breakfast with a fresh tuna, so Tsukiji Fish market is a good choice. This is the place where the famous tuna actions take place. To see the action you should register first before 05.00 AM, because it is limited to 60 lucky visitor who can see the auctions. Details about ( Tsukiji Fish Market Here )

Some people maybe don’t like with the fishy smell around the market, but you can avoid the smell by shopping or take tour on the outer market. And take a breakfast with fresh tuna in the restaurant inside the market.

Then, Senso-Ji temple is good to visit, it is a must visit spot in Tokyo. But if you expecting something like temple in Bali or Thailand, you will not get it. It is a quite small temple and some of the area are closed for tourist, only opened on some events. In the front of temple there are some souvenir markets and very crowded with people who want to get some souvenirs. ( Details about Senso-Ji Temple Here )

Tokyo beach maybe will like kind of ordinary beach for some people, if that so, you can enjoy your night visiting the modern zone of Tokyo, just next to Tokyo beach. The city light is nice and if you are on the bridge, you can see a miniature miniature Japanese version of Liberty statue.

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo – Third Day

Firstly you should try to go to Harajuku/Takeshita Dori, this is a famous area for teenagers, they often dress in a unique costume, you can see that every day. And there are so many shops near Takeshita Dori, they have a good deal for you, just try to ask the price first. ( Details about Harajuku Here )

How to Spend 3 Days in Tokyo

Spend your night with enjoying the light spread all over the street in Akihabara. No wonder why the other name of Akihabara is Electric town. So many neon sign here in Akihabara. And also Akihabara is known as the home of Maid Cafes. Yup, you can be treated as the master of the house rather than common customer.


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