Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids, – It seems every kids already know and heard about Tokyo.

Yay, its capital city of Japan! Tokyo is largest and most popular metropolitan area in the world.

Can you imagine if you live with another 35 million people in greater Tokyo?

Yes, that is how crowded Tokyo is. But Tokyo is awesome city, I beg you know it although we told you that there are so many people in Tokyo.

Some of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids

Nowadays Tokyo provides you with unlimited choice for kids to learn and enjoying entertainment, shopping, dining and culture to everyone who visit or already in Tokyo.

So Lets go to know Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids.

But have you already know some interesting fact about Tokyo?

Here we today will show you some Interesting fact about Tokyo you should know about.

1. Cherry-blossom festivals

You should already hear about this cherry blossom festival. It is a Japanese national symbol.

The flower itself will only bloom about 1-2 weeks and typically can be seen in early April.

During the blooming of cherry blossom, there are so many are so many festivals held in Japan, known for hanami.

Image of Cherry Blossom festivals Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Pictures

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Cherry Blossom festivals PicturesThis festival of welcoming cherry blossom blooming has been long tradition which has been going on for centuries.

One of great place to enjoy cherry blossom festival is in Nagoya Castle.

2. Tokyo is unofficial culinary capital of the world

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Get Some Japanese Foods PicturesDid you know why Tokyo is unofficially called as culinary capital of the world?

It is because in Tokyo there are more Michelin star than other cities in the world. What is Michelin?

It is a guide book about food, restaurant and culinary.

They give restaurant rating and star. Moreover, there are 14 impressive restaurants awarded top thee-star rating by Michelin.

3. World’s highest skywalk

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Tokyo Skytree Building PicturesIf we go to Tokyo, and we stand on the right side we can easily see the Tokyo Skytree, it is the highest tower in Japan and also World’s highest skywalk, world’s tallest standing building.

Tokyo Skytree stands with 634 meters.

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Enjoy Japan View From Tokyo Skytree Deck PicturesAnd for observation space, there is a deck at 450 meter point which is the highest skywalk which will give a great panoramic view to amaze you.

But of course you should still be careful and under your parents guide.

4. Harajuku

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Harajuku Station in The Night PicturesWho one of you who didn’t know yet about harajuku Fashion? It is so famous even in your hometown, right?

Or maybe you already try to dress up Harajuku style before.

Yup, Harajuku is famous Japanese teenager fashion style. And did you know that Harajuku is actually a district in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Takeshita Street Harajuku PicturesHarajuku Neighborhood is famous of boutique, street outlet, café and everything about Japanese young spirit lifestyle available here.

5. Vending machines

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Vending machines Tester PicturesAs we can see in so many Japanese movies or documentary about Tokyo or Japan in school, we can see a lot of vending machine available almost in every side of Tokyo city.

Because vending machine are super popular in Japan and also in Tokyo.

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Buying with Vending machines PicturesAnd vending machines in Tokyo are amazingly sells almost everything, from food until clothes.

You should try their unique vending machine if you are in Tokyo, it is a kind of a must for us.

6. Iconic intersection

Yup, since a lot of Japanese would rather choose walking than using motorcycle, car or any other vehicle, we will find a lot of people walking in the street.

And when we are in intersection, we will find so many people crossing the street.

This view can be seen almost in every intersection in Tokyo.

But if you wish to see the most crowded, biggest and busiest intersection in the world, you can come and visit Shibuya Crossing.

It is easy to identify since there are about 2.500 people crossing the street at one time. Woooowww!!!

7. Largest seafood market

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Learning in Tsukiji Fish Market PicturesIt seems you already know that Japanese people love to eat fish? Sushi for example, it is Japanese cuisine.

So it is the reason why as the Capital city of Japan, Tokyo has largest seafood market in the world.

Image of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids Buy Fresh Tuna at Tsukiji Fish Market PicturesAnd Tsukiji is the largest wholesale fish market in the world. Live tuna auction which held in 5am are the main attraction in Tsukiji.

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Conclusion of Interesting Facts about Tokyo For Kids

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