10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo, www.JapanGuidance.com – Tokyo is great combination of culture and modern living. On the some places you find it is crowded and on other place you can find a peaceful place. There are so many tall buildings, offices, restaurants, cafes, and other modern lifestyle buildings. On other side, we can find a lot of temples and other cultural places. These are some places you need to visit if you are in Japan.

10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo – Best Places

Dinner and Drinks in Ebisu

Image Picture of 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo - Food and Drinks at Ebisu - Aburiya Restaurant Photos

Ebisu is a trendy neighborhood in Shibuya, they specialized in vegetables, grilled meat, sashimi and other good-deal price foods. The foods cooked in small kitchens and also served on small plates. You can easily find the shops, only need one stop from JR Yamanote line, and two stop from Roppongi on Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya line.

Shibuya Crossing

Coming to Japan without seeing or posing in Shibuya Street will be full of regret. It is amazing to see hundreds of people crossing the street when traffic lights turn into green. The best place to view the crowd is from the second floor of Starbucks in crossing’s north side.

Tokyo’s City Views

As we know, Tokyo city building and construction is unique. Although there is no such a tall building in Tokyo since Tokyo has rules for their construction to avoid bad effect of earthquake. But this is even makes Tokyo more unique.

Image of Tokyo Tower Facts for Kids Must Be Knew PicturesAnd their transportation systems is complex, so some new visitors will feel difficult to understand the system, but Tokyo provide a lot of city’s maps almost everywhere in Tokyo. You can see Tokyo skyline for free from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices (GMTO), they offer two towers and observation decks at 45th floor.

10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo – Best Choices

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Image Photo of 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo - Rst Area Family Zone on Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden PicturesIn late March and early April, when the cherry blossom blooming, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden are will looks stunning. Even on the ordinary day without cherry blossoms bloom, this garden still mentioned as the best garden in Tokyo.

You don’t need to bring food on picnic lunch, we recommend you to taste items at the gourmet food hall of Shinjuku Station, it is only 500 meters from the entrance gate of Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Yoyogi Park

Image Photo of 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo - Yoyogi Park with Pool PicturesWith such a small living space in Shibuya, a park is ideal solution to hold meeting, practicing something or became a sport area. And Yoyogi became more satisfying when hip-hop dancer, rockabilly clubs, Gothic Lolita and Cosplay kids tone up Yoyogi Park.

But, this park open from dawn to dusk only. And entrance is free for everyone.

Meiji Shrine

Image Photo of 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo - Meiji Shrine PicturesOne of good time visiting Meiji Shrine is on Sunday morning, you can see one or two wedding processions in the courtyard. The bride usually in white kimono with hood, and the groom will wear a formal black cloak.

Together they walk under a big red umbrella, with a Shinto priest leading them, while their wedding party follows behind them.

There are so many events on every shrines or temples, including Meiji Shrine as a Shrine dedicated to 19th century emperor who open Japan to the West. Check your calendar for available events.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Images Photos For Japan's Fish Market Tsukiji - Fresh Fish Shop Seller PicturesThis is a good place to visit if you want to take a early morning tour. Tsukiji Fish Market is the biggest and the busiest fish market in the world. Maybe if you don’t like with the fishy smells, you can take the tour on the outside market, it is cleaner out there.

But if you want to see the famous tuna auction, you need to go inside before 05.00 AM, because only 60 lucky visitors can see the tuna auction process.

And don’t forget to eat fresh sushi in Tsukiji Fish Market, your tour feels incomplete without tasting their sushi. Many restaurants are available in inside market and the outer market.( Here details of Tsuki-ji Fish Market )

Karaoke at Smash Hits

Image Phot of 10 Things You Have To Do in Tokyo - Smash Hits Karaoeke - Smash Hits Stage PicturesJapan is famous for their private karaoke party with friends or families. But in Smash Hits you do karaoke in front of crowd strangers. And since you are a newcomer in Smash Hits, you will easily get your first perform. They open on Tuesday through Saturday night. With $40 you will also get two drinks.


This famous Japanese sport is also one you should see when visiting Japan. This is also the art of Japan, when the contestants of other body-contact sport are having slim body, but as we know, sumo is different.

If you are in the Tokyo in three grand tournaments time on January, May and September, you go visit Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall; Ryogoku Kokugikan. And if it is not on tournament seasons, you can go to see morning sumo training at beya (sumo stable). They usually are foreigner-friendly. 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo

Daimaru’s Kimono and Yukata

Image of 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo - Buy Yukata and Kimono at Daimaru Department Store PicturesBefore you leave Tokyo from Tokyo Station, you can check Daimaru Department Store, just the outside of Yaesu’s Station Entrance. Check the kimono shops at 10 floors. You will amaze with their collections of Kimono. This is famous place for Japanese to order their custom size kimonos.

The 10 Things You Have To Do In Tokyo above all can be visited if you traveling in Japan. Dont miss your souvenirs 😀 if you like this please share it, click button bellow :*


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