Hotel Near Tokyo Disneyland, – Disneyland is built in North America, Paris and Tokyo, Japan. Regardless of the season, gazillion people come to this incredible Disney theme park bringing their own reasons such as family trip or wedding party. For tourists, it is a priority to find hotel which is not very far from the destination.

However, for the unfortunate visitors, sometimes it becomes hard to find the perfect location near the theme park. Therefore, we have prepared for you several choices of hotel near Tokyo Disneyland.

Some of these hotels are already popular which means that the price might a little above your budget planning, but some other might satisfy you.

Recommendation of Hotel Near Tokyo Disneyland

1. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Image Photo of Hotel Near Tokyo Disneyland - Tokyo Disneyland Hotel View PicturesThe first that comes to mind about hotel near Tokyo Disneyland is the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel which is located outside the Land. If you are looking for a luxurious place to stay within a walking distance inside the Tokyo Disney Resort, and a hotel named after the theme park filled with popular characters of Disney cartoons, this might serve your interest.

It is informed that the price for a deluxe room per night is about $300 by March, last year. Predictably there might be some ups and downs in prices around the $300/night. The hotel has the old-fashioned Victorian style.

You are suggested to book the room online months before your arrival to have the best view through the windows. The online reservation is opened from 9 AM JST.

2. MiraCosta Hotel

Image Photo of Hotel Near Tokyo Disneyland - MiraCosta Hotel PicturesThe second best Disney hotel is MiraCosta. The hotel is part of the Tokyo Disney Resort and actually built inside the DisneySea. It is not recommended if you are looking for a reasonable price places, because MiraCosta is one of Disney’s luxurious hotels.

On the same page, MiraCosta costs you about $300/night. Similar to the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the price might go up and down. Therefore, checking it regularly before booking would be necessary.

Moreover, the design and the architecture of the building are surreal. It almost feels like you are staying over the clouds. This one hotel near Tokyo Disneyland would surely make your dream trip comes true.

Moderate Recommendation of Hotel near Tokyo Disneyland

Two more of hotel near Tokyo Disneyland which is on-site (inside the park) are The Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay and the Hilton Tokyo Bay. The price offered by these two is half of the price for the previous excellence recommendation hotels, which is $150/night.

However, the thing about ‘price tag’ is it often fluctuates. One night it is $150/night, two nights after that it could possibly reach $300/night. Therefore, it is deeply suggested to check the price regularly in different booking sites.

The hotel near Tokyo Disneyland above are located on-site the Disneyland which means that it doesn’t require you to take the commute. However if you have a tight budget and choose the off-site hotels, such as in downtown Tokyo, the commute will take approximately 45 minutes to Disneyland.

Although the prices would be less than $150/night, you might have to wake up earlier to get on the line before it gets too long.


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