Osaka Sushi, – Japan is known as it one of the developed countries in the world. It can be shown by there are so many modern technologies are created by Japanese. In Japan itself, one of the most popular dishes there is sushi.

This dish actually not only can be found and very popular among Japanese only, but also sushi itself has been the icon of Japan outside the country.

The dish which is made of rice combined with fish, egg, seafood and many more becomes one dish that you should try when you visit Japan. Then, you not only will find it in Tokyo, but in all part of Japan including Osaka where you can visit 5 best places to eat Osaka sushi.

Osaka Sushi – Knowing Osaka City, Japan

Before we go far talking about the best places to eat sushi in Osaka, what we need to know is that about this city first. As it is known that Osaka is the second largest metropolitan city in Japan, indeed after Tokyo as the Capital City of Japan.

Not only its skycraper and the modern technology there, but you will still get the culture of Japan through its dish that is sushi. In this case, Osaka sushi maybe has certain uniqueness so that is why many people when they come here will look for 5 best places to eat Osaka sushi.

5 Best Places to Eat Osaka Sushi

Moreover, where we can find the best places for eating Osaka sushi? Actually, you may can find many sushi restaurants in Osaka where you can enjoy to eat this dish. However, eating in the best place in Osaka can be one important thing that people cannot imagine it. Thus, below are 5 best places to eat Osaka sushi that you can try when you visit Osaka, Japan.

1. Koyoshi Sushi

Image Photo of best places to eat osaka sushi koyoshi sushi cafe restaurant front look PicturesKoyoshi Sushi is the first place which you can eat Osaka sushi. It is a small restaurant actually, but what you can get here is a very attractive atmosphere while you eat your sushi. Run by a couple of husband and wife, you can visit this place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday up to Saturday at 6 pm to 11 pm. ( img src: instagram )

2. Endo Sushi

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Then, for the second place where you can eat this Osaka sushi is in Endo Sushi. It is one restaurant in Osaka which is more than 100 years old. If you want to be here, you can come at 6 am to 2 pm on Monday to Saturday. Yeah, breakfast with sushi will be a good idea for you.

3. Shinakashi Sushi

Image Photo of best places to eat osaka sushi shinakashi sushi location PicturesFor another place to eat Osaka sushi is in Shinakashi Sushi. If this restaurant is compared to another sushi restaurant, you may find that the price of the dish will be a little bit expensive. Nonetheless, various Sushi with toro or tuna will make you a great satisfaction here. ( img src: instagram )

4. Yakko Sushi

Image Photo of best places to eat osaka sushi yakko sushi menu PicturesYakko Sushi is located in the longest shopping street which you can find in Japan. Thus, besides you can enjoy sushi, you also can enjoy to go shopping here.

5. Hontozushi Kaiba

What do you think about eating sushi in fashionable area in Osaka? Yes, you can get it in Hotozushi Kaiba as one of 5 best places to eat Osaka sushi that is located in Kitahorie area. You just come here at 4 pm to 11 pm on Monday to Saturday.

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