Osaka Steakhouses, – As it is known that Osaka becomes one city in Japan that is very popular. Not only popular with all the modern things there, but also the culinary can be another attractive thing here. You can go along the street and visit some restaurant there providing you steak as the menu.

Then, where are the top ten of Osaka steakhouses? For you who are curious and want to know more about it, you just read the explanation as in the following paragraphs. The number is not level of best choices. It just number 🙂

Number 1 to 5 of the Top Ten of Osaka Steakhouses

In this case, there are top ten steakhouses which you can find in Osaka, Japan. Here are the first up to the fifth number of the top ten places you can enjoy the steak dish there.

1. The Garden Oriental Osaka

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses garden oriental osaka design location PicturesFor the first steakhouses which you can try is in The Garden Iriental Osaka. In this place will be very amazing. Not only in its steak menu but also the staff which will service you. Do not be hesitated to send much money here because you can spend it with a great thing.

2. Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses lawrys the prime rib buffet room PicturesYou will never regret in choosing Lawry’s The Prime Rib as a great steakhouse in Osaka. In thid place, a rarely menu of steak is provided. Berides, such an attractive place can give you the best atmosphere in enjoying each piece of steak there.

3. Matsusakagyu Yankiniku M in Hozenji Yokocho.

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses matsusakagyu yankiniku m in honzenji yokocho location PicturesDo you want to eat steak in Japan? If you do, Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M can be one of the best places. Here you can be provided with various steak menu including Japanese cuisine and a barbeque. You can just visit in everyday since it opens 7 days a week at 5 pm to 12 pm.

4. Itamae Yakiniku Itto Shinsaibashi Bekkan

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses itamae yakiniku itto shinsaibashi bekkan PicturesThen, for another steakhouse that you can try is here. The melted menu of steak and also barbeque can be a great choice for you who come to this place. Just for reminder, you can come on Tuesday to Sunday at 17.00 to 10.00.

5. Tsurugyu

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses tsurugyu meat location PicturesAfter that, Tsurugyu will be a good choice of you too. Here, the beef steak menu can be the most wanted one. However, you need to do reservation first to come here because this place is always full. This steakhouse opens on Monday to Sunday or it means that every day.

Number 6 to 10 of The Top Ten of Osaka Steakhouses

Those are the first 5 steakhouse in Osaka which you can try. Moreover, if you want to choose the other place of steakhouse in this city, you just read more information as in the following passage.

6. Steak Misono Osaka

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses steak misono osaka location PicturesKobe beef steak is the traditional menu which you can get in this place. Besides, the classic look and friendly staff of the steakhouse will be another reason why you need to go here that is in order to enjoy eating steak with different atmosphere.

7. Ikinari Steak, Hozenji

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses ikinari steak hozenji location PicturesFor the other steakhouse, Ikinari Steak, Hozenji can be a good choice of you. The combination of best menu and place will be so nice. If you want to visit it, just come to there on whatever day you want since it opens every day.

8. Yakiniku Icchou Shinsaibashi

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses yakiniku icchou shinsaibashi shop address PicturesGreat grilled beef steak is the best menu you need to try here. It can be called as the magical place which you can visit when you are in Osaka and want to enjoy steak dish.

9. Steakhouse Kozai

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses steak house kozai serve certified PicturesCrispy outside and soft inside is the thing you can get in Steak House Kozai. Indeed, it can be the best place for you when you want to eat steak as your dinner. Even though the place is not too big, but it is very recommended for you.

10. Teppanyaki Kamon

Image Photo of osaka steakhouses teppanyaki kamon room PicturesLast, Teppanyaki Kamon can be the choice of you when you are visiting Osaka and want to eat steak there. Located on the top of the Imperial Hotel, you can see the city lights and can be a romantic place with your lovely person in spending the time.

Those top ten of Osaka Steakhouse that can be a culinary destination if you are in Osaka. have fun and enjoy. Ready to try of Osaka Sushi?

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