Hotels in Kyoto, – Japan especially Kyoto is always fascinating destination in Asia. For two years, this town is the number one destination. Thousand of tourists enjoy visiting here. Imagine, you can find more than one hundred temple around Kyoto

As one of the favorite cities that can be visited as the tourism destination, indeed you will never disappointed to all the things in this city. Then, for you who have a plan to go Kyoto, what you need here is that all information relating to the holiday there, the hotels in Kyoto, restaurants up to the activity you can do there. Here the hotel list in Kyoto Japan which are cozy places and low prices.

Knowing All about Kyoto, Japan

In Japan, one of the favorite places that you can visit in your holiday is Kyoto. In this place, there must be many things you can get. To begin with, you have a chance to see how wonderful the temples and the shrines there. Indeed, you can be thrown back to the old time of Japan.

Besides, you also can choose many activities there as visiting museum, shopping, and watching traditional Japanese attractions. In addition, culinary is the part which you do not need to forget.

Best Hotels in Kyoto

Moreover, to make your holiday will be perfect, what you need here is that the place you can rest after doing many activities in Kyoto. That is why here are some best hotels in Kyoto which you can choose.

1. Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kyoto royal hotel and spa PicturesFor the first hotel, you can choose Kyoto Royal Hotel and Spa. As 4 star hotel, of course you will get many attractive offers from the hotel staffs. Those are free internet, business center and dining.

2. Hotel Villa Fontaine Village Kyoto

Image Photo of hhotels in kyoto hotel villa fontaine village kyoto PicturesFor another hotel that you can book is Hotel Villa Fontaine Village Kyoto. In this hotel, you may get several great things. Not only the comfortable room, but you can get a free internet in this 4 stars hotel.

3. Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto grand prince hotel kyoto PicturesMoreover, another 4 stars hotel in Kyoto is Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto. In this hotel, the facilities which you can get are that the business center, free parking and indeed free internet for all the guests.

4.Matsui Honkan

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto matsui honkan PicturesIn this hotel having 4 stars class, you will be offered with free internet. That is why you can get a good internet connection when you choose Matsui Honkan hotel.

5. Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto hotel nikko princess kyoto PicturesAfter that, you also have a chance to choose the other best hotels in Kyoto. Here is Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto as the 4 stars hotel. For the facilities, you will get free parking and frew internet. Indeed, those facilities will make you so comfortable in the hotel.

6. Gion Hatanaka

Image Photo of hhotels in kyoto gion hatanaka PicturesFurthermore, there is Gion Hatanaka that you can choose as the hotel when you visit Kyoto. In this 4 stars hotel, you will get free facility that is free internet.

7. Kyoto Hotel Okura

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kyoto hotel okura PicturesKyoto Hotel Okura can be the next hotel you can choose in Kyoto. As the same with another hotel, it is also a 4-stars hotel that gives you pool, fitness center and free internet service.

8. Kyoto Brighton Hotel

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kyoto brighton hotel PicturesIn Kyoto Brighton Hotel, you will find two free facilities here. Those are free internet and free parking service.

10 Cheap Hotels In Kyoto Japan

  1. Tomato Guest

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto tomato guest PicturesIt is located in the centre of the town (12 minutes from Kyoto Station and Nishi Hongan-ji Temple). You can enjoy free Wifi and choose 2 types of rooms. Kitchen and bathroom are shared for every guest.

The price range is $21 – $87/night for standart room. Unfornately, there are not extra bed for children.

2. Kyoto Travelers Inn

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kyoto travelers inn Pictures7 minutes on foot from Higashiyama subway and Heian Temple, Kyoto Travelers Inn is a perfect shelter. You can find bike rent, restaurant, rooms with TV flat and of course free Wifi. If you want to visit Kyoto Zoo, you just walk about 3 minutes from this hotel or 10 minutes to Naanzen-ji.

Kyoto Travelers Inn is suit for you who do not want to share room or bathroom. Enjoy the experience start from $51/night.

3. Excellence Kyoto Hotel

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto excellence kyoto hotel PicturesIf you prefer to visit Japan in solo, you may spend in this hotel. All room is served for single tourist. Forgot your hair dryer? Don’t worry because you can borrow it and it is for free.

Excellence Kyoto Hotel gives special price from $52/night. You also won’t miss Minami district which is an historical place. Get started from this hotel!

4. Kiyomizu Sannenzaka

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kiyomizu sannenzaka PicturesLocated in the centre of the town, clean rooms, friendly employee, and near from Kiyomizu-dera Temple, this guesthouse is valueable option. Although they do not serve food for the guest but you can cook it by yourself.

Every room is equipped with kitchen and cutlery. The fare is $59/night.

5. Kyoto Guesthouse Kyo no En

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto kyoto guesthouse kyo no en PicturesThis japanese style accomodation is a perfect choise. Free wifi, tatami floor, air conditioning and shared bathroom are served for you. You can relax in the room or on the beautiful guest house garden. You just need to pay $76/night.

6. Khaosan Hostel Kyoto

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto khaosan hostel kyoto PicturesKhaosan Hostel Kyoto is located 4 minutes from Karawamachi Station and close enough with Nishiki Market. They have a communal kitchen and shared bathroom. A cozy tatami floor is available for guest. A $67 is worth for all aminities.

7. APA Hotel Kyoto-eki Horikawa-Dori

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto apa hotel kyoto eki horikawadori PicturesA 10 minutes walking from Kyoto Station, APA Hotel Kyoto-eki Horikawa-Dori can be your next option. Air conditioning, room warmer, TV, free wifi, refrigerator and many facilities are offerd for the guest. The cost is started from $67/night.

8. Rakuza Guesthouse

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto rakuza guesthouse PicturesThe building is more than 100 years old. You can enjoy the ancient Kyoto house. The cost is very cheap ($28/night) and you are ready to visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple and many interesting destination.

9. Tonbo Guesthouse

This japanese style guesthouse is very special because located near from Shimokawa river. You can relax your mind with river flow. The rooms are completed with free wifi. Prepare your cost from $23/night.

10. Hannari Guesthouse

Image Photo of hotels in kyoto hannari guesthouse PicturesHannari means calm, cheerfull, and ellegant which are suit with the situation of this guesthouse. The employees are very friendly and helpfull. They serve 6 kind of baverage and toasts for breakfast. The guest just need to pay start from $23/night.

Hopefully, these 10 cheap hotels in Kyoto will give you inspiration. Happy holiday.

Source: usnews and kyoto


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