Tokyo Disney Sea, JapanGuidance.Com – Tokyo Disney Sea is the attractive place which you can visit when you do holiday in Japan. This is a fantasy theme park offering so many nice places to be explored. All ages can be visited this park. That is why, for you who have children, this park actually will be a good choice for them.

A good place to play and explore something new will be the great thing which you can find here. Thus, to get more information about this place, you just read the following information.

Themed Ports in Tokyo Disney Sea

For you who are the first time to go here, there will be 7 great ports here. What are they?

1. Mediterranean Harbor

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at mediterranean harbor port PicturesTo begin with, there is Mediterranean Harbor that you can find in the entrance of the gate. Here, you will see an Italian port town which its gondolas and Venice style canals. Thus, even though you are in Tokyo, the atmosphere of European place will be here.

2. Mysterious Island

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at mysterious island port PicturesDo you want to do a journey to the great place? If you do, Mysterious Island can be a good choice. Here, you can explore the place with volcano or do journey to the center of the earth. Indeed, you can be like a scientist who explores the nature.

3. Mermaid Lagoon

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at mermaid lagoon port PicturesIn Mermaid Lagoon, you will see how wonderful the undersea world. Here, The Little Mermaid story is the idea of creating this Disney ports in which Ariel is the main character of the story.

4. Arabian Coast

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at arabian coast port PicturesArabian Coast will give you the experience to do journey like in Arabian Nights. The palace can remind you about Alladin, Sinbad and Genie. Thus, are you ready for that?

5. Lost River Delta

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at lost river delta port PicturesIndiana Jones Adventure can be shown in Lost River Delta port. Here, your children and you can experience how Indiana Jones can be very brave to do his dangerous adventure.

6. Port Discovery

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at port discovery PicturesAnother port is called as Port Discovery. In this place you can get such a great marina in the future. Thus, you may find many great things that show about the future here, its technology and vehicle.

7. American Waterfront

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea at american waterfront port PicturesAs the name, you can see an American harbor here. The towns having American styled buildings will be the characristics of this port.

Another Information About Tokyo Disney Sea

From the explanation before, indeed those will be very attractive if you choose this place as the destination for your holiday in Tokyo, Japan. You do not need to worry about how to reach this place since it is very famous place which people know. Thus, you can start your trip from Maihama Station.

Here, you just take Disney Resort Monorail with the destination is the Station of Tokyo Disney Sea. You can take to this place only on 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can walk from Maihama Station that takes 20 minutes.

Image Photo of tokyo disney sea ticket price PicturesRead too: Tokyo Disneyland Review

Last, for the time to visit Tokyo Disney Sea, you can go there at 9 am to 10 pm while on holidays and weekends you can visit it at 8 am to 10 pm. For your information, there is no closing day for this place.

source: japan-guide and wikimedia


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