The Bucket List: Top 10 Best Things to do in Tokyo


10 Best Things to do in Tokyo, – Japan is mostly famous for its advanced technology, good manners and unique cartoon. For those too, many have fallen in love and decided to come to Japan as holiday. With friends, family or loved ones, Japan is always a remarkable tourist destination.

In its capital city, Tokyo, the modern technology and lifestyle merged with the old fashioned manners resulted in a beauty which can only be found in this very place. If you have the opportunity to come to Tokyo, these are things you shouldn’t miss.

10 Best Things to do in Tokyo: Famous Places to Visit

1The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is often used as the background in Japan’s popular movies such as Power Rangers and Godzilla. The palace is often pictured destroyed by the monsters’ powerful strengths.

In real life, nobody has a heart to do so because it is such a beautiful 17th century parks which is completed with old-fashioned walls, moats and pretty flower gardens. To this date, the respectable Imperial Family is still using it. The palace was built in 1457. ( Read: Things To Know Before Going To Imperial Palace )



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