Recommendation Vacation Rentals Tokyo, – Hotels, Hostels, and Japanese Inns (Ryokans) aren’t the only places where you can spend the night and have a good night rest when you’re visiting Tokyo.

Vacation rentals are available throughout Tokyo. For those who travel in packs, they make excellent choice because they can be more affordable than hotels.

By renting a house or apartment, you can have a unique experience unlike staying in hotels or inns.

Ready to experience new ways of enjoying Tokyo? Here are our top 10 recommendation vacation rentals in Tokyo:

Lists of 10 Recommendation Vacation Rentals Tokyo

  1. Tokhouse Tokyo Vacation House

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo tokhouse tokyo vacation house kitchen and eat room PicturesLocated in Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, this classic Japanese house accommodates six adult guests and offers a unique experience for those who wish to live life just the way Japanese people are living it.

The house has been entirely renovated and is fully furnished to accommodate modern living, so your family or friends don’t need to worry about not having a washing machine, shower, or bathtub.

Train and metro stations are only 600 meters away from the house. You only need to walk short distances to get to facilities such as restaurants, shopping centers, ATMs, and supermarket. ( src: )

  1. Tokyo 101 Twin Room – Vacation Rentals Tokyo

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo tokyo 101 twin room utilities PicturesThis new apartment was built in September 2016. Since it’s only six minutes away to JR Nakano station, it’s easy for you to get anywhere quickly. Getting to Shinjuku by train takes a mere four minutes.

It has one semi-double bed and one single bed; perfect for couples or a small group. Amenities include a washer and dryer so that you can do your laundry before heading out. The host, Naoki, is friendly, helpful, and makes you feel very welcomed. ( src: airbnb )

  1. Itoh’s Duplex Apartment – Vacation Rentals Tokyo

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo itohs duplex apartment building front view PicturesWith full kitchen and bathroom, this spacious apartment is perfect for a family of four. The hosts, Ryoko and Kelly, live next door. They speak English and are more than happy to direct you to the great places in and around Tokyo.

The neighborhood is quiet; perfect to get some good night sleep after a whole day of traveling. The Wifi is very fast too, and you’ll be able to upload all your vacation pictures and videos in a snap.( src: vrbo )

  1. Susumu’s Cozy Apartment – Vacation Rentals Tokyo

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo susumus cozy apartment with beauty kitchen PicturesA cozy apartment for two people, this place is only 80 minutes from Narita and 60 minutes from Haneda. It’s a walking distance from Tokiwadai station and many popular tourists spots like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara are only minutes away by train.

The building is secured with video monitor system and IC entrance, and it’s simply a beautiful place to rent if you’re staying in Japan for a day or longer. The owner will give you 10% weekly or 20% monthly discount. That’s a sweet deal. ( src: airbnb )

Recommendation Vacation Rentals Tokyo

  1. Sakura House Shinjuku Kagurazaka

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo sakura house shinjuku kagurazaka kitchen and cooking utensil PicturesIf you’re looking for a month-long stay in Tokyo and need an affordable holiday rental apartment, the Sakura House should be your top choice. This small apartment sleeps four and is complete with fully-equipped kitchen along with the utensils.

This apartment is only 2 minutes walk from the Kagurazaka station and 7 minutes walk to Usigome Kagurazaka station. Getting around everywhere is so simple. Regular maintenance is included in the rental price, so if you don’t have to pay extra.( src: )

  1. Chiba Private Room

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo chiba private room bed in tatami PicturesStaying with a host family in Japan can offer a unique experience, and you’ll get plenty of that when you stay at this apartment. You get a private room with a safe to keep all your valuables. However, the amenities are shared with this loving family.

The private tatami room hosts two adults or a couple with one kid under 6. Patric, Takae, and their two boys, Max and Felix, are welcoming. If you’re traveling with kids, they will love playing along with the boys. You’ll feel at home here. It’s really no wonder why this place is one of the recommended holiday rentals in Tokyo. ( src: homeaway )

  1. Five Diamond International Apartment

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo five diamond international apartment living room PicturesA modern apartment in a spectacular location – that’s how you sum up this property succinctly. It has three bedrooms and one bathroom, so six adults can stay very comfortably in it. It’s fully furnished with all home and kitchen appliances that you may need.

This property is only 15 minutes walk to Ginza; a district said to be the essence of Tokyo’s greatness. Tsukishima and Kachidoki Station are only 3 minutes walk, but if you prefer to go around by car, a chauffeur is available.( src:vrbo )

  1. Kens’ Guesthouse

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo kens guesthouse bedroom PicturesThis new house is situated in a quiet residential area of Koto-ku. It takes less than half an hour to reach popular tourist destination such as Shinjuku, Akihabara, Tokyo Skytree, and Asakusa. A 24-hour convenience store is just a minute away by walking, so you can quickly grab anything anytime.

Amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen, tableware, refrigerator, and washing machine. You also get free pocket Wifi, so you’ll always be connected whether you’re at home or on the go.( src:airbnb )

Recommendation Vacation Rentals Tokyo

  1. Family Central Cozy Apartment

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo family central cozy apartment tatami bedroom PicturesConveniently located in the heart of Otsuka near Otsuka station, you can go to any place in central Tokyo quickly and easily. This comfortable and clean apartment has two single beds and a tatami room that can fit up to four futons. It’s perfect for a group of up to six people.

The apartment is close to convenience store, supermarket, hospital, and pharmacy. The full-equipped kitchen allows you to cook your own meals if you wish to do so.

Airport pickup service is available. It’s an excellent service for those who are not yet familiar with Japanese railway. (src: roomorama )

  1. Ikebukuro Uptown Apartment

Image Photos of vacation rentals tokyo ikebukuro uptown apartment PicturesStaying at this apartment gives you a great mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment opportunities. Major tourist locations such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Akihabara, and Ueno can be reached by train in less than 15 minutes.

Large department stores like Seibu and Tobu are only 2 minutes away by feet. It’s also close to a Family Mart so that you won’t have any problem with food and drinks.

The kitchen is small, but it has everything you need including a gas stove and microwave. Preparing your own meals won’t be a problem. A washing machine is also available so that you don’t have to bring too many change of clothes with you.( src: 9flats )

Vacation Rentals Tokyo – Conclusion

Okay, that’s all for our 10 recommendation for vacation rentals in Tokyo. Remember, a good host can make your holiday more memorable.

Be sure to communicate with the host before you rent so that everything will be sorted out when you arrive. Have fun and enjoy Tokyo to the fullest and hopefully those 10 of recommendation Vacation Rentals Tokyo will give you some ideas 🙂

Why and Tips To Choose Vacation Rentals Tokyo Japan

Most people opt for staying in a hotel or hostel when they visit Japan. Now, people are starting to realize that there’s another alternative — vacation rentals. Also known as holiday rentals, vacation rentals make perfect sense when you visit Tokyo for an extended period.

There are several reasons why you may enjoy holiday rentals better than hotels or Japanese-style Inns (Ryokans). So Why you have to use the Vacation Rentals while in Tokyo Japan? Some of those reasons are listed below :

1. Great Value
Renting a fully furnished apartment or house is often times more affordable than getting rooms in a lot of hotels in Tokyo;  even more so when you travel with your family or a group of friends.

The price for a house or apartment starts as low as $83 a day. If there’s six of you, it’s kind of obvious why holiday rentals are the better choice of accommodation.

2. Privacy
Some people enjoy being pampered by hotel staffs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some people prefer to be left alone and do things on their own without any hotel staffs “nagging” them all the time. Sounds like you?

Well, you can spend your holiday in Japan without compromising your privacy when you rent a house or apartment. No need to hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door all the time.

3. Living the Life – Japanese Style
If you’ve been wondering how it’s like living like a Japanese, then renting a house is a quick and easy way to actually experience that. Amenities such as a kitchen along with the utensils and spices are often included.

You can walk or bike around the neighborhood, stop by at a local Mom-and-Pop store to buy groceries, cook yourself some home-made Japanese dish, and wash your own dishes.

Before you know it, you’ll be mingling with the locals at the park, honing your Japanese, and just immersing yourself in the daily life of a Japanese citizen.

4. Feeling more at home when you’re away
When you’re traveling with your family, you’ll feel more at home when you stay in a house or apartment. Imagine coming back from Akihabara with all the gifts you just bought there.

Everyone can chill in the living room while talking about how cool Akihabara was. And then, when you’re all sleepy, you can go to your bedrooms to take a good night rest. You’re in Tokyo, but is sure feels like you’re home.

5. Guides
Your Japanese isn’t as fluent as you’d like? Relax, many holiday rentals managed by corporate in Tokyo provide guides who can help you getting the best of your holiday. They’ll show you around and answer your questions about the local tourist spots and tours.

What about privately-owned properties?

Same thing. People who rent you their homes and apartments (a.k.a the hosts) are generally friendly people. They will provide you with enough information about how to get around.

Things to Consider When Choosing Vacation Rentals Tokyo Japan

A place that’s within walking distance to major tourist attractions is, of course, preferable. If it’s close to the airport or train stations, it’s even better. Since Japan’s railway is well-connected, you can go everywhere easier when your rental home is close to the train station.

If you do not wish to cook your own food, then go find a property that’s close to restaurants and convenience stores.

One important note: If you’re traveling with kids, you need to make sure the property you’re renting is in the quieter part of the city. Tokyo is a metropolis with a bustling nightlife. Staying in a quiet street means your children and yourself will sleep better at night.

Budget of Vacation Rentals Tokyo
Unless you just inherited a crazy amount of money from your long lost relative, sticking to a budget is always a great idea. Do note that some host may charge a cleaning fee. It won’t be an exorbitant amount, but still, you should consider that when crunching the numbers on your calculator.

Holiday rentals is a blooming industry in Tokyo. More and more people are offering their properties to be used by foreigners like you. Take your time, shop around, and you will find a house or apartment that’s within your budget range.

Some places will give you 10% discount if you stay for seven days or longer. You definitely need to check on that. Less money to spend on accommodation equals more to spend on gifts.

Space of Vacation Rentals Tokyo
Traveling in a group of eight? Then you better make sure the apartment you’re renting has enough room for all of you. Also check the sleeping arrangements while you’re at it. A house with four bedrooms may sound perfect until you realize that three of them can only fit a single bed.

Amenities of Vacation Rentals Tokyo
If you’re staying for an extended period, then a washing machine is one thing that should be on your priority list. Yes, there are many coin laundry places throughout the city, but being able to wash all your dirty clothes at home will save you time.

A kitchen complete with cutlery and utensils is mandatory if you wish to prepare meals on your own.

A free Wi-Fi is also excellent to have. When you want to upload and share all those vacation pictures and videos, you’ll realize just how important it is to have free Wi-Fi. It’s incredibly common to find rental apartments or homes with free Wi-Fi connected to high-speed internet in Tokyo, but it’s still prudent to confirm this beforehand

Friendly Host at Vacation Rentals Tokyo
Most people rent their properties through an agent like Airbnb, so you will probably never see your host face to face. However, some hosts may feel oblige to say hello to you when you first arrive.

It’s a simple gesture that can make you all fuzzy inside. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be welcomed when they arrive in a foreign land, right?

A good host will also check on you to ensure you have everything you need. Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, just tell your host that you’ll figure things out on your own.

Vacation Rentals Tokyo – Conclusion

You definitely need to look into vacation rentals Tokyo Japan if you’re planning to visit the city with your family or friends. They are more affordable, and you can do things at your own pace. Be sure to book early.

Holiday rentals are getting popular by the day, so more and more people are looking into it as an attractive alternative to Hotels and Ryokans.

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